Mold Remediation Clearance

The mold remediation went well. The remediator followed the Protocol perfectly. So the rebuild moves forward. WRONG.

Most mold remediation protocols will specify that a clearance (or Post-Remediation Verification) be performed after the remediator completes his work – prior to rebuilding. Ethically no remediator should ‘clear’ his own work. By Florida Statute, nor remediator is permitted to ‘clear’ his own work.

A mold clearance is without a doubt an added cost for the entire remediation process. Many times insurance companies will request a copy of the clearance before the homeowners’ policy is renewed. At time of a resale, a mold clearance certificate attesting the fact that the mold remediation was not only performed, but also properly performed and ‘cleared’ by an independent third party. When the insurance company insists on it or a buyer requests it, that clearance certificate can be PRICELESS.