Mold Testing

Mold can be a hazard hiding in your home or office.

Mold Q&A

  • Are there rooms or areas of your home that have a musty and moldy odor?
  • Do you know if mold is affecting the health of the occupants of your indoor environment?
  • Do you know the cause of your mold problem?
  • Don't you just want the simple truth?

Our mold inspections begin with a preliminary assessment which includes a survey to inquire about the conditions of all occupants. Following the preliminary assessment, a complete visual and olfactory inspection is performed during a walk-through of the property, looking for sources of previous and present water infiltration issues or signs of mold.

Areas where mold appears to be growing may be tested and those samples are sent to certified labs for analysis and identification. Samples may be recommended to quantify the mold in the indoor air. Additional samples may be taken to confirm or disprove the effect of mold on furniture, carpeting and other surfaces which may negatively impact the indoor environment of all affected.

Finally, the sampling results are reviewed and analyzed to determine how they correlate to the results of our visual and olfactory inspection. A remediation work plan can then be prepared with detailed instructions to clean or remove the building materials that are impacting those results.