Is a Mold Inspection What I Need?

Mold Inspection

“My children seem to be having lots of colds lately. The Doctor says they may be reacting to some indoor problem, but we don’t know if it’s our home. Are you able to detect indoor allergens?”

These are common questions we hear from our clients.

Is a Mold Inspection What I Need?

“The home I am purchasing is a foreclosure and has a musty odor.” A simple inspection is a worthwhile investment for your family’s health and well-being.

“My insurance adjuster says that although I experienced water damage to my property, mold is not a problem. How can you help?” Our testing methods can reveal hidden problems.

Here are some of the most common reasons for mold inspection:

  • Mold is suspected as a cause of frequent allergic reactions.
  • Water damage from a broken pipe or other water source was allowed to remain wet for over 48 hours.
  • Prior to purchasing a property especially if it has been vacant for a period of time.
  • A room or an area of the home has a musty odor and water stains are visible on the walls or ceiling.
  • Unusual odors from a bathroom particularly when the door is closed.
  • The condominium or apartment next to or above yours had a waterleak event.
  • The air handling unit for you’re A/C unit has leaked water more than one time.
  • Wood flooring has stains that are growing and appear to be coming from below.
  • Unusual stains around the air conditioning register(s).