What Is Black Mold Removal

Mold Inspection

The term “black mold” is used to refer to a highly toxic fungus which exists in homes and buildings around the world.  This mold thrives in moist conditions and causes health problems in humans and animals.

Homeowners should not attempt to remove black mold on their own.  They do not have the skills or equipment to do so safely and effectively.  The best way to deal with toxic mold is to hire mold removal professionals.

How to Identify Black Mold

Most people will realize that they have a mold problem when they see a dark green or black fungus on their walls.  Sometimes the mold will be present in areas that are not easily seen.  An example of this is when mold occurs inside drywall.  Mold remediation experts have tools to detect mold which they cannot see with their naked eye.

When one is detecting and removing mold, protective clothing must be worn.  This is done to prevent mold spores from getting into the lungs.  Safety issues such as this should not be ignored as mold can cause some very serious health issues.

Mold removal professionals will start by removing all the mold in the home or business.  They will then dry out the area by placing fans or dehumidifiers in the home.

Keeping the home dry is essential as this will stop mold from reoccurring.  Removing garbage bags from inside the home also helps as it stops airborne spores from escaping and repopulating within the home.

Homeowners should consider checking the home for mold frequently.  Dealing with problems as they begin is cheaper and easier than dealing with a full blown infestation.

Mold removal experts can be found by searching for local services online.  The best service will hire qualified, trained and experienced staff members.

Alpha Environmental inspects, tests, analyzes and offers solutions for hundreds of homes and businesses each year.  These samples include mold, microbial particles, bacteria, and a variety of other allergy-causing particles indoors such as dust mites, cat and dog dander, and pest residue.

Alpha Environmental’s most requested service is mold inspection.  Alpha does not offer remedial services, but can analyze the problem with appropriate surface, dust, or air testing, then recommend the proper course of action, including specifications for complete removal and remediation of the problem areas.

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