Why Alpha?

CAUTION PROPERTY OWNERS: Effective July 1, 2011, Florida Law requires any person or firm performing mold-related services in your home or office be licensed by Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Florida law now requires that any person or firm who removes, cleans, sanitizes, demolishes, or in any other way treats, including preventive activities, mold or mold-contaminated matter of greater than 10 square feet be licensed as a“Mold Remediator.” The law also requires that any person or firm who performs a mold assessment including sampling and detailed evaluation of data obtained from a building history and inspection to formulate an initial hypothesis about the origin, identity, location, and extent of amplification of mold growth be licensed as a “Mold Assessor.”

Florida law also requires that a person or firm may not perform or offer to perform any mold remediation to a structure on which the mold assessor or the mold assessor’s company provided a mold assessment within the last 12 months. Don’t be a victim of salesmen who, offer to test your home and then recommend the scope of work they wish to perform. Florida law prohibits this unethical activity in order to protect Florida consumers from unscrupulous contractors.

Alpha Environmental is an assessment and consulting firm – they do NOT offer remediation.

Proof of licensure by Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation can easily be provided by the contractor; the property owner may also verify the contractor’s license by inquiring at https://www.myfloridalicense.com.

Verify Your Contractor’s License with the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation