When Should You Get A Professional Mold Inspection?

Professional Mold Inspection

moldSometimes you are able to handle the mold in your house other times it’s time for you to call in an expert. This information will assist you in knowing when you need to get a professional mold inspection for your home.

You may consider a professional mold inspection before you decide to purchase a home or if a number of things happen within your current home.  It’s important to know what to watch for so you’re not wasting your hard earned money or threatening the health of your family.

New Home Purchase

If the area you are moving to is well known for flooding, you’ll want a mold test done simply to be safe. You don’t want to purchase a home and then find out afterwards that there are mold issues and the sellers did everything they could to cover up any and all evidence of a problem. A professional mold test will reveal any problems within a home.

When you’re considering a house, you’ll want to check the pipes beneath sinks, the area around the bottom of the bathtub and the part of the wall where it connects to the tub, and within the basement if the house has one.  Is there an unusual smell, or see any discolorations or patterns in dark damp places?  Don’t wonder, call our number.

Current Residence

One tell-tale sign that normally alerts homeowners that mold may be present is an unusual stain. Normally mold stains will show up in areas where there is plenty of moisture, like bathrooms, kitchen or laundry room. In your present home you’ll need to check for mold in those locations. One of the things you’ll want to watch out for is a drip that could be weeks or several months old. This type of leak may be found through a leak in your ceiling or within an area you don’t frequently visit in your house. There are instances when water will drip slowly and unnoticed over a period of time and then let you know there is a problem very quickly when it is discovered.

One of the other tell-tale signs of mold is the presence of an unusual odor. Those odors may be noticed only when walking in from outdoors. Describing odors is difficult. Most people describe mold odors as musty or wet, sort of like walking in to a house that’s been closed up for a long time.

Another thing that you might want to think about when you’re considering a professional mold inspection is if your family is getting sick a lot and nothing appears to be helping them get better.   Illnesses brought on by mold often mimic asthma, cold, and flu symptoms. If the symptoms reach a point where medications are simply not working, you may need to consider having a professional mold inspection performed.

At Alpha Environmental Diagnostics we are professionals who are able to inspect your home and perform tests to help determine whether or not what you are seeing inside your home is anything to be worried about. We will let you know whether or not you have a problem behind your walls or with the air you breathe.  The health of your family is what matters most.  Contact us today at (813) 961-6653 OR (727) 331-6653 and improve the quality of the air in your home.