Allergic Reactions

Allergic Reactions

What is triggering my allergic reactions?

You and your allergist are the best to identify which allergens are affecting you most, but we can certainly identify which of the common allergens are present in your home and then advise you how to correct them.

Allergens can easily be broken down into indoor and outdoor types.

Outdoor allergens include grasses, pollen and trees. Unfortunately, no one can do much about those if you must go outside without a heavy respirator or face mask – that’s not the latest fashion statement.

Indoor allergens on the other hand are treatable! That’s good news for those who suffer from indoor allergens. The most common allergens people suffer from are mold, pet dander, rodent and cockroach droppings and probably the most common indoor allergen – dust mites. Some studies from professional medical organizations estimate that over 40% of the American population may be suffering from allergies to dust mites. Dust mites are not visible to the naked eyes and can easily be treated.

What’s an allergy sufferer to do? Well, there is a sequence of determining what affects you most. Alpha Environmental specializes in helping you determine which indoor allergens are most prevalent in your home. We perform an inspection of your home looking at areas such as carpet, walls, kitchens and air conditioning and heating systems. We also examine the habits of the person with the allergic reactions, such as where does that person spend most of their time when at home and do their reactions go away when they leave home. Based on the finding of the visual inspection and our questionnaire, we may recommend some samples which would help us determine exactly what allergens are triggering your reactions.

Our report is scientific including lab results for the allergist to make determinations as to what may be affecting you. After your doctor has made his recommendation, our report includes easy to follow instructions for the patient to rid their home of these pesky allergens.

Alpha Environmental can provide the answers that can change your life. Simple answers that make sense. Alpha Environmental does not sell any allergy relief products. We provide simple truth without hype or someone selling you something you don’t need. Our system is based on helping you identify the allergens within your home and give you the proper information about relieving those problems.

Imagine yourself living without that nasty runny nose, watering eyes, sneezing and needing to take time off from life and doing it without being attached to and inhaler and tons of medication.